Step inside my bedroom

So this is my bedroom. I don’t know what style you’d call it? But I think it probably tells you a bit about me. The antique Coca Cola neon light is probably the biggest item in my room other than my bed- it’s not much smaller than my window- and we have pretty large windows in our house. This is something that I will never get rid of- ever.

Amelia bought me the Palmistry Hand Jewellery Stand from Urban Outfitters for my Birthday, and considering I have soooo many rings (I buy one in every country i visit) this was perfect. I used to lose my jewellery all over the place and considering that my rings are from all over the world- they’re kind of irreplaceable, so I use this a lot! 

I do have a record player, but it is annoyingly down stairs at the moment ( I need to find a table on ebay or something) however I do have a few records sitting in my room. Funnily enough only one of them is actually mine by The XX, apart from that they consist of my mums old ones, my Aunties and my Nana’s – so they are basically 60s-80’s. Which I really love, it’s like I have a time of history in a cupboard in my room waiting to be properly explored. 
Finally. Headphones. Now i’m not going to lie, these headphones are not the best, I don’t even know where they are from, but they do the job ok. The only reason I use them is because I go through them so quickly. To be honest the only reason this photo is on the blog is because I felt like you needed to see a little of my bed- to get the gist of my room- ironic considering the focus point is on the headphones- but hey! ho!
So that’s my bedroom! If you like this post, let me know. So I can show you more of my stufffff.

If you like what you see, you also may like my Pinterest account– I’ve only just made it though- so bare with me haha!


5 thoughts on “Step inside my bedroom

  1. Hi Grace!

    Let me tell you that the bits you showed from your bedroom seem super lovely. As a huge Coca-Cola addict, I'd love to have one like that!

    Also, what a great gift from Amelia, that hand stand. I think it's super useful, both for putting your rings there and also for drawing! I draw so sometimes I need a “hand model” and they sell articulated ones hahaha!

    Can't wait to see more of your bedroom if you ever take more pics / get that table for your records.

    Crissy @ My Cup Of Tea


  2. Your bedroom looks so cool! Great blogpost Grace, also I'd really love if you could film a bedroom tour so that I can see the room in full but I completely understand if you don't want to do that xxx


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