Fig, Stilton and Walnut Salad.

Some people may think I’m weird, because I am a huge Salad lover. I don’t exactly love lettuce or the green part of the salad, unless it’s Rocket- I love the spiciness of Rocket (see I love it, I could talk about it for hours). Anyways my point is that I love salad so much due the stuff I put on it, not the leaves, and A Fig, Stilton and Walnut Salad is one of my absolute favourites.

You probably don’t need to be told this, but it’s the easiest thing in the world to make and just tastes so damn good. There’s something about the sweet fruit combined with stilton that is just so yummy.

All you have to do is cook some Pears and Figs in the oven lightly, you can also drizzle some honey over the top if you’d like the fruit to be even sweeter, or even better stuff the Figs with Stilton so it melts within the figs. Then you basically just place the fruit on the salad leaves of your choice, add in some stilton, add some red onions, some walnuts, drizzle with a bit of balsamic vinegar and voila! If you are very protein diet based then you can easily just add some chicken, and then bam, a simple, scrummy light warm salad for a snack, lunch or even a dinner.
Please, let me know what your favourite salad is? (or chocolate, I like that too).

10 thoughts on “Fig, Stilton and Walnut Salad.

  1. Never tried figs in a salad, I always thought they would be a bit too sweet. Wonder how they would taste with balsamic vinagrette and spinach in a salad?


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