Im giving 2 Fingers to 2 Pounds.

2 Fingers to 2 pounds Grace Mandeville Lord Freud Disabled Disability

Lord Freud recently said that people who are disabled are “not worth” the minimum wage when discussing the fact of how to get more disabled people into a working environment. He then continued by saying that we can work on this issue nationally if a disabled person “wants to work for £2”. I’m sorry but this actually makes me incredibly angry- hence the blog post. I like to think of both my blog and Youtube channel as a happy place, but I also want to lead in example, and to do so I want you all to know that I am completely and utterly against this frame of mind.

Yes, I was born with one hand. No, I do not cast myself as a disabled, but I do understand that many do cast me as such. I have worked for huge amazing companies such as HMV, Waitrose, BBC and Channel 4 and can say that I have been treated rightly so as any ‘other’ employer and I believe that I worked just as expected in comparison to any ‘other’ employer- ‘other’ implying as non-disabled. So when Freud spoke out and obviously thought that the idea of paying £2 an hour to disabled people is ok, I felt that I needed to tell you that I think it is disgusting. The “disabled” are human beings, they are not slaves, and to be honest, a lot of “disabled” individuals are incredibly clever and are strong in specific skills due to lacking in something else- you have to make up for yourself somewhere. I mean Lord Freud, would you offer Stephen Hawking £2? 
I understand he may have been put on the spot, and some are arguing that this is why he said such ludicrous words, but if Lord Freud, of whom is a “British journalist, businessman, Conservative politician and welfare adviser” can not speak his mind under pressure, then I’m not sure who can. I do not accept this as an excuse.

I don’t know a solution to this problem of “disabled” people being pushed in to this corner, but what I do know is that I will not stand for it, and I really hope that you will not either. Lord Freud’s comments are regressive and contradicting the great progress we are making as a country and we cannot afford to have this seen lightly. Please feel free to comment down below, because I really would like to hear your opinion on the matter (even if you completely disagree) and please, please share this.



-Grace Mandeville

12 thoughts on “Im giving 2 Fingers to 2 Pounds.

  1. i think this is absolutely disgusting, whether you're 'disabled' or not, you deserve the same right as anyone else does. He shouldn't have said that, this utterly disgusts me and i'm willing to take action against his comment, this can't be said just like that. I support you no matter what and i'll always be by your side.


  2. This disgust me. Most “disabled” people I know are happy to be working, take pride in their work, and work harder than the average person I know. They are some of the happiest people I know and strive to do better to prove themselves. This man is obviously ignorant and maybe he shouldn't be working.


  3. Unfortunate extension of the greed is good philosophy of classing people as more and less valuable human beings, all forms of life, animal and human need to be treated with dignity and respect.




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