Lets Post a letter. OOTD

My excuse for attempting to always dress nicely no matter where I’m going is that “you never know who you might see”. I mean you hear about those rare individuals who get scouted for a huge blockbuster movie whilst walking into a local sweet shop, so I always try to look reasonably nice no matter where I go (in other words I don’t go out in my pyjamas or trakkies haha! )
Why am I telling you this? To basically excuse myself from the fact that you think I’m going to tell you a really exciting story about posting a letter, when in actual fact I’m just going to show you some photos below of me posting a letter and then tell you what I’m wearing. But it’s all good right? As “you never know who you are going to see” when walking to a post box…  
Tanned Military Coat: Zara (5 years old)
Leather Black boots: Eska
T-shirt: Cossac
Leather Glove: Topshop (2 years old)


4 thoughts on “Lets Post a letter. OOTD

  1. I love it 🙂 Such a creative way to do an outfit post – the outfit looks amazing too!

    I've nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. The award asks for seven facts about yourself, then for you to tag other bloggers to take part. The goal is to help recognise new bloggers and to reach new followers.
    You can get an idea of what the award involves on my blog http://www.letskissandmakeup.co.uk

    I hope to see a 'One Lovely Blog Award' post from you!


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