Drinking Coffee in Toilets

attendent coffee shop toilet underground cubicle urinal victorian social hub business
Yes. We decided to drink coffee in toilets, but not just any toilets. The attendant.

You got it, what was once a Victorian place of toilet business is now a quirky social hub. I’m not sure if it is necessarily a place I could sit in for a good few hours, drink multiple coffees and edit our newest video in alike most coffee shops- but it is definitely a weird and cool experience.

The coffee is pretty perfect in my eyes, but what stood out was the most insane Oreo and Peanut butter cake (Yes, we broke our healthy eating rule for it, and yes it was so worth it).  If you are like me, then you probably will feel just a tad uncomfortable towards the fact that you are sitting on stools by what once was a used urinal, and I have to say this was both the reason I decided to visit The Attendant, but also the reason behind why it is not my favourite coffee shop of all time. I mean to me what I love about coffee shops is that they are a place to relax and chill in- and there’s something quite weird about relaxing in some old toilets. However this made it more of a cool experience, which I throughly enjoyed.

Oreo Peanutbutter Cupcake Attendant Food Cupcake Best cupcake cake peanut butter oreos oreo
It’s a pretty small place, could probably only seat about 15 people max? Don’t hold me to that estimate though, as London usually finds a way to cram tons of people into small spaces. Due to this small space it ironically does not have a toilet, this is something that certainly made me giggle.

Anyways, I don’t know about you? But i’m always on the look out for weird and wonderful places in London to visit and this was one i’ve finally ticked off my list and thought i’d share.
Let me know if you have any places you’d recommend? Or if you’ve been here before, I’d love to know what you think!

The Attendant


6 thoughts on “Drinking Coffee in Toilets

  1. That cake looks delicious!! And I really love just sitting in cafés with a coffee and writing blog posts or drawing. There's something about the peace that helps my creativity to flow so I'll be sure to pop in and take a look if I'm ever in the area. And I know that this is probably a little bit annoying but if you'd like to check out my blog, I'd really be honoured…



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