So goals. Having goals is quite an important thing for me, as I’m sure it is to other people. Having a goal gives us something to aim for, keeps us looking forward and pushing ourself for more. I think goals are an amazing thing, I love them, but it’s when people say what are your goals? I never know what to say. It’s hard isn’t it? We have so many, so how do you filter them to that answer. Well this is why I’m writing this blogpost. I’m going to write GOALS as an anagram and write a goal for each letter!

So let’s go.  

G–   Go to Comic-Con
O–   Of course I want to get my book published (Can you guess that I found ‘O’ a hard one haha)
A–   Act, I would love to some professional acting.
L–    Live concert. Preferably watch Green Day live, that would be insane!!
S–    Survive a Zombie apocalypse.

Okay so these are some of my goals apparently. I actually found this a lot harder to do than I originally thought, but it was super interesting to see what I would put down and quite fun too. So I’m going to finish this blog post by asking you guys to do it, Let’s make it a challenge! The Goal challenge, you can do this as a blog post, a youtube video, or even just comment it to me down below! You might be surprised with what you come out with.
Anyway I hope this blog post was interesting, and I’ll speak to you guys soon!

10 thoughts on “GOALS

  1. An inspirational post! I would love to be able to send you fan mail, you two are my role models! Would you be able to give me your address? I understand if this is not possible but if you can please do!!!
    Your namesake:
    Amelia xxx


  2. I'd say being in a zombie apocalypse would definitely not be one of my goals seeing as there one of my biggest fears, but I think I'd be pretty good at surviving one seeing as I've made so many plans on what to do if one happened . As for my goals, here they are:
    G-go to sdcc (sorry about copying you but I've always wanted to go)
    O-one of my goals is to impact others lives in a positive way
    A-art, hopefully become an artist for a living
    L-leave england and travel around the world
    S-see/meet the people who inspire me

    O took me ages to make one for, spent about 10 minutes on that one

    – Daisy Xx


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