Time to redecorate?

I could write a whole blog post on how my room is somewhere to feel at home and express myself, a place to illustrate my personality, a place to feel inspired.. and that is  all completely true but in all honesty I got bored and decided to attempt to change up my room a bit.
  • Cushions– It’s taken me about 18 years to actually get into the habit of making my bed every day.. so I felt like seeing as I’ve finally got this on board I should reward my self with some cushions from Ohhdeer. I feel like this could definitely be the start of a pillow-purchase addiction, Is this a thing? Because I really feel that this could be a thing.
  • Washbag– I’ve always been that person who just places all my lose items into a suitcase rather than having them organised nicely in a washbag and then regretting the whole situation once opening the suitcase at my destination. I mean I travel quite a lot and so I decided it was time to finally get a washbag and I love love love it.
  • Phonecase– This is actually a phone case for Amelia, I was putting in an order with Lalaland and Ohhdeer and it seemed silly not to get her a much needed phone case. Amelia definitely has a love/hate relationship with phone cases. In Amelia’s words “I mean they protect your phone, but it’s so hard to find one that looks nice and doesn’t weigh your hand down, this is why I was so happy with this bad boy”. 
Obviously above in the photos I have a ridiculous amount of items that I have not discussed or talked about within this blog post, so If you would like to know where anything is from please ask below 🙂
Speak soon

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