I like.

If someone asks you to name 3 things you don’t like about yourself chances are you’d probably be able to answer quite quickly- I know I would. But most of you would probably find it a little harder to answer if I asked you to name 3 things you do love.
This is quite common and usually due to issues with self confidence following from a number of factors: The media, Social pressures, Puberty, Insecurity and Guilt. Why did I include guilt? Well..because in my opinion there is a big issue with people feeling guilty about liking themselves, worrying if it’s seen vain to be confident and proud of yourself. So this is why I think we should break the stigma and really embrace who we are.
Here’s my list of 3 things that I Love about myself and I’m proud to love. I want you to do the same in the comments, no matter how big or small.
  1. My nose: I have a strange nose. It’s not necessarily small, but not huge either, and it curves up at the end. It reminds of a ski hill, or an elfs nose. But for some reason I do like it.
  2. My eyelashes: I have quite thick dark hair. I’m a hairy girl. My head, my eyebrows, my arms, my legs. Everywhere. This also means that I have quite thick dark eyelashes too. And I really like them.
  3. My belly button: I always used to question weather my belly button was an innie or an outie, but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to conclude it’s an innie. I really love my belly button because it has this little mole beside it. I don’t know why I like it for this reason, but I do. I also used to pretend it was a piercing when I younger, not quite sure why.

But there we go guys. 
Speak soon

12 thoughts on “I like.

  1. How you managed to narrow your amazing features down to just 3 is the really hard task! It's always nice to read your posts/watch your videos as you always improve my day 🙂
    Keep being awesome!
    P.S. 3 minutes till my new favourite programme is on!


  2. Oh, that's so difficult… I read your post yesterday and since then I've been thinking about my three things. They are…
    1) my eyes (shape, size, colour + long dark eyelashes)
    2) my wrists (I'm chubby but my wrists are still thin
    3) I can't think of this one ><


  3. I love my imagination
    I love my dark eyes and my ears even thought they're rather big. But I'm proud of it, because my grandfather had huge ears and even though I was SUPER CONSCIOUS when I was small of them, I don't really care anymore and tie my hair up in pony tails with no fear!
    That was a really great post, thank you!! 😉


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