Acting For Fashion

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Top – Fred Perry / Denim jacket Wrangler- My Aunties 
Leather Jeans – All Saints

To me Fashion is all about reflecting your attitude
– Apart from when I’m wearing dungarees that is, because I’m certainly not trying to portray my inner farmer like self (I mean I’m allergic to animal hair.. it wouldn’t go down too well).
What I mean is, if i’m wearing a suit I feel smart because I’m dressing like a business person (you know the one that travels to Singapore on business class every other week for a meeting).
Or if I’m wearing a cocktail dress with heels I feel very “lady-like” and “proper” because I’m dressing to the conformity and stereotypical standards of a Lady who has made an effort to please (though in this situation a constant part of me feels like I should rebel and wear trainers half way through the champagne drinking event- of which twice I have, and i’m very proud of that). 
 Then comes my final example, when dressed in Fred Perry attire, leather jeans, a good old bit of red lipstick and some lovely thick black eyeliner, my inner Mod Punk Rocker self comes into play –Which basically means I don’t like to smile and feel like i’ve not only got an incredibly rude though cool attitude, i’ve also got the musical ability of  Billie Joe Armstrong turn Guns n’Roses turn Amy Winehouse- Thats where the Fred Perry majorly plays a part, after all Amy Winehouse did design some of their clothing at one point.
hamburger phone, fred perry outfit, fashion, british, juno phone, amy winehouse,
Anyways, so hopefully you get the gist to why i’m looking all moody and evil, it’s because I’m dressed the part. Though obviously I had to half smile when holding my hamburger phone, because it reminds me of one the greatest films of all time AKA Juno.

11 thoughts on “Acting For Fashion

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