My Style Icons

For some, personal style is something that you copy from others, something that you want but can’t seem to produce or maybe it’s merely something you are unaware of? Personally it wasn’t until I read a comment on one of our videos stating “Grace usually wears dungarees, a buttoned up shirt or a jazzy jacket” that I suddenly realised, I do have my own style and therefor I thought I owed it to someone (not sure who, but I felt a sense of responsibility to someone) to discuss the people who have inspired my style. 

Grace Kelly
Crisp cotton shirts, nipped in waists, high waisted trousers and delicate buttoned collars.
It’s no surprise that Grace Kelly’s style pops up time and time again within Vanity Fair and Vogue (and frequently pops up in my browser history).
David Bowie
Aladdin Sane,  Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust -So many styles it’s impossible to name them all.
To me Bowie was the man that pushed boundaries, had a style full of self expression and taught a lesson to us all: If you want to wear a tie die suit, a one legged catsuit, rock an eye patch or shave your eyebrows.?.. Do it!
Jane Birkin
The Master of the effortless but elegant chic. The first to rock tailored trousers, over sized coats and white sneakers (yes that look everyones been recreating this year). Unbuttoned tailored shirts, matching suits and denim matched with a white tee. Yes.
Audrey Hepburn
But man did she rock a pixie haircut and striped t-shirt. She was the woman that inspired my love for a trench coat, the woman who could wear a plain black turtle neck one day and a pin up dress the next, oh and lets not forget that she rocked cropped trousers with a buttonless shirt (because we all know I love that look).
Alexa Chung
The woman who called her book ‘It’.
Brogue and converse lover, dungaree rocker and the woman who inspired my current Sailor jacket obsession. I felt at first my relationship with my denim shorts and dungarees was strong, but our bond is nothing in comparison to Alexa Chung’s and her denim. She’s a tomboy who rocks girly “frocks” and I love that so much!
Wednesday Adams
‘Cause nobody can rock a peter pan collar like her-
So there you go-
I kept this post brief because in all honesty if I didn’t hold myself back this post would have been an essay, though on that note if you’d like to know more I could also do a continue post on this topic? So please let me know in the comments if you’d like that and also tell me your Style icons- This I would love to know! -G,x

30 thoughts on “My Style Icons

  1. Love this! Wednesday Addams style is the best. I've never heard of Alexa Chung but she sounds really cool. So right about everything in this post! Do you know when you'll do another fan mail opening video??


  2. I love this! I really love dungarees but I haven't actually worn them since I was like, 10. I tend to wear neutral coloured jeans – like mossy green or blue denim, and then a wooly jumper with a jacket that has brass buttons- I kinda like to make it seem a mixture of steampunk and 1940s ish?


  3. Thanks Elizabeth 🙂
    WOW This outfit sounds like something I need to see in my life! – Yeah to be honest most people stopped wearing them at age 10, But i'm cool with that- If I like them, I like them, that's all that matters haha! -G,x


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