It’s Good To Have Goals

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“I’m going to live here one day,” I say to Grace as I pose for these pictures – Quite literally posing. We’re standing in front of some lovely dainty houses in Chelsea. Chelsea, one of the most expensive places in London. Do you understand how unrealistic that is? That’s why I made a point of saying it. Made a goal of it, even if I change my mind in a week, a month, or a year, that’s my goal for now.
I think it’s good to have goals, no matter how big or small they are. How realistic or unrealistic they seem, it’s good to have them. In my opinion setting goals for myself motivates me, encourages me to work hard, and puts me in a positive place. Sometimes if I don’t feel good about what I’m doing or where I am, I look forward to thinking where I will be in the future, and it puts me in a much happier place – I get pumped to work towards it.
There is this argument you shouldn’t set goals for yourself if they are unrealistic because you’ll be let down if you don’t get there. But I argue against this by saying of course you’re not going to get there if we don’t even try, so what’s the harm in going for it. There is this quote by Walt Disney that says ‘If you can dream it you can do it.’ And that stands out a lot to me, because if Walt Disney just said “My dream is unrealistic, nah, I’m not going to get there, there’s no point wasting my time trying” There would be no Disney. If J.K Rowling gave up after her many rejections from publishers, there would be no flippin’ Harry Potter-
See what I mean?
In my opinion I would much rather be happier trying to work towards my goal, that sitting around and being unhappy due to the fact that I don’t think I can do it. And if I don’t succeed, well I’ll get to that bridge when I come to it. Maybe my mind will change, maybe I will stretch my goal a few years, and maybe, just maybe I’m more close to that goal than I realise; and if you’re still stuck in that horrible un motivating head space.. use this as a little motivation, Morgan Freeman was 57 years old when he got his big break in Shawshank Redemption, and he’s one of the most incredible actors of all time. 
-There’s no age limit for success
Speak soon guys

23 thoughts on “It’s Good To Have Goals

  1. My name is Olivia and I'm 15 years old, I'm not too sure on having goals be issue if you set yourself a goal and you really want to achive it in life and you don't, you would get really upset. By the way you and your sister inspire me so much and I'm loving your hat and I also have an obsession with zombies!:)Xx


  2. I really feel the same about this too, I'm so sure we aren't given this life to just fight and mope around wanting things to come our way, because if you work for things and know you put effort and passion into something it can make it so much more rewarding. Having a goal, no matter how out of reach or insignificant it seems is important, and it is significant, because it matters to you and if it matters enough you can definitely make something out of that dream. Sometimes following the road down trying to achieve your ambition can open you to more experiences than you first thought you'd encounter, also you could possibly end up doing something that you never even considered in the first place. But in order to even begin any of this, you need a starting point and a boost to get you going, and that's exactly what having a goal, even a small goal is capable of doing. So yeah I really agree! 😛 also, I've always wanted to be a writer but always struggled to find motivation but after finding your channel and finding out how hard you work with your writing its really helped me


  3. Ah I see, that makes more sense. I get what you're saying! I totally understand your opinion <3 But I believe if you dream it you can get it, no clue if that's accurate but I guess I'll find out won't I? hahahaha


  4. Yes Laura! So nice to hear you agree! Yeah, and sometimes if you've come a long way or waited a long time, it makes that goal even better once you get there! So nice to hear this, and judging my what you've written here you have a wonderful way with words. I wish you success with your writing, maybe we'll be reading each others books in the future hey? 😉


  5. For me especially, I think it depends on the goal. Some goals I think are really good to have, and put me in a great, positive and hopeful place. I think these goals are the ones to do with my hobbies – like story writing, or ones where I can see a path there. But if there are ones like education, jobs, money and the general day to day future goals; I think I get panicked and stressed about whether I'm going to actually achieve, or maybe (though I hate to admit it) that people will judge my goals for not being realistic enough and so I don't end up in a good place. Sometimes I need to take a step back from my goals, and focus on small daily goals. So yeah, I kinda agree – I think we obviously need goals, but not to get too wrapped up in those goals, and to remember that our goals can change… I dunno… sorry that got a bit long! :/ x


  6. Why have I never been on you blog before? I've always wanted to see more of your clothes and the way you style them bc I love your sense of fashion so much haha well at least I found out about it now… after watching your videos for way over a year oops.


  7. As someone who has been dealing with a lot of rejection from universities these past few months, this really gave me a little encouragement right when I was losing all hope. I have so many goals, and I think that maybe the easiest path is not going to be the one that gets me there. I will fail, and when I am finally where I want to be, I will look back at all the times I was about to lose sight of my goals and just feel very happy and proud. This came at such a perfect time, so thanks Amelia.


  8. Ah this is so lovely to hear! You keep going, sometimes we need some rejection to spur us on in life, make us more motivated. You're right. Then when you get there you will look back on those times of rejections and feel so proud of yourself for jumping over that hurdle. <3


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