March Playlist

Some Of My Favourite Tracks On The Playlist

1.    Sophia So Far – Goodnight Radio
2.    Elenore – The Turtles
3.    All The Small Things – blink-182
4.    Goodbye Stranger – SuperTramp
5.    Song For Zula– Phosphorescent
6.    Rains In L.A – Scouting For Girls
7.    I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons
8.   Elvis Ain’t Dead – Scouting For Girls
9.    You & Me Song –  The Wannadies
10.  It’s Ok – Tom Rosenthal

So this is the playlist I have been listening to all through March and I thought I’d share it with you. There are a lot of bright upbeat summery songs as I’ve been feeling the spring vibes, but then there are some more mellow and emotional songs. Those have been the days that the rain has been falling down and I’ve been staring out the window as if I’m in a music video. Hahaha, but anyway. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what your favourite song from this playlist is 🙂

Speak soon


6 thoughts on “March Playlist

  1. Good selection of songs 🙂 Especially love Blink 182-All the small things.
    My top bands to listen to at the moment are Green day and my favourite band in the universe- Busted 🙂


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