It’s Tassel Time | OOTD

tassle, jacket, summer, LA, OTTD, Amelia, Model, posing, black, fringed, tassled, denim, denim jacket, close up, eyebrows
sun, jacket, sunglasses, side profile, OTTD, cowboy, cowboy shirt, clours, cropped, cropped shirt, eyebrows, long hair, brown hair,
happy, sunglasses, fringed jacket, denim jacket, black, jacket, black jacekt, jeans, boots, pose, arms out, balalnce, dance, happy
pose, belly, cropped shirt, sunglasses, spring, summer, jacket, denim jacket, fringe jacket, tassles, boots, black jacket, happy, pose, sunlight, LA, vibes, pose, model, eyebrows, hair, Amelia, Mandeville Amelia Mandeville
Shirt ASOS / Jacket ASOS / Boots Zara
 Jeans H&M /
It’s safe to say that I’m feeling the Spring Summer vibes. Even if it is England where the rain and icy winds invade every ten minutes. But it’s okay, with tassels you can pretend. You can pretend you are at the Coachella festival. You can pretend you are in LA grabbing a tumblr worth In And Out burger. You can pretend you’re hiking the Hollywood sign. You can pretend what ever you want with tassels.  It’s tassel time people and I am literally loving it. 

11 thoughts on “It’s Tassel Time | OOTD

  1. I would literally be spinning around constantly with a tasseled jacket… and getting stuck in a LOAD of doors! Also, seeing your hair makes me really regret cutting my hair – it's so nice! 🙂


  2. If I'm not storing the tassels or lifting my arms up and down, I'm spinning around. And yeah…for someone like me, it has proven to get me caught in some places hahahah, but I love it. And aww thanks so much, thinking of getting cut soon <3


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