The Dog Walks Me . OOTD . 20TH MAY

Shirt Zara / Jacket Zara/ Hat Vintage
/ Jeans River Island /

So walking my dog for me is my way of escaping. Well I say it’s me walking my dog, but she leads the way, she tells me when we’re done, she’s the one who pushes me out the house. Wow, my dog walks me. Anyway I have been trying to get myself into the habit of leaving my phone at home when I go for these walks and just shutting off from the online world for a bit. Just taking a walk and looking at the surroundings, appreciating the nature, it’s really nice. It also fills my head with creativity and positivity that I really need in my life. I was really enjoying this no phone rule, even boasting to my Mum about how great it was, and that I don’t need to live my life through my phone blah blah blah, until we saw a tiny little mole bustling his head out of his mole hole, and then more than ever I wish I had my phone. All I wanted to do was take a picture of this mole. And post it on snapchat, twitter, and Instagram. Sigh. But I guess that shows how addicted I am, hehehe.

But anyway back to the point Amelia,  going for a walk for me means the opportunity to dress myself up to how ever I am feeling today, and today I clearly was feeling the ‘hello I am Detective Mandeville and I assure you I will find your Husband’ look. I also do like to impress my dog Willow, as you can see from one of the photos she clearly wanted to wear my hat, ha fat chance! Willow has also got into a bad habit. Every time I put my shoes on she assumes I am taking her for a walk and starts jumping around and getting excited. It’s like she is saying, ‘mate, you don’t go out much, if you’re going out it’s clearly for me.’ Thanks Willow, thanks. I do have a social life, a small one, but it still counts right?

Anyway, this is just a short post to  ramble my random thoughts and share my look with you. I really enjoyed this look, and it’s crazy how I can switch from super casual, leggings and everything, to blazers and hats the next. Do any of you guys do that? Anyway I’m going to be blogging more if you would like that? So make sure you follow us on bloglovin so you don’t miss a ramble from me, and probably a very beautiful post from Grace

Speak soon


21 thoughts on “The Dog Walks Me . OOTD . 20TH MAY

  1. I do this too – though I sadly do not own a pet, I like to get lost in my own thoughts when walking and it feels so refreshing! Though I agree that it is inconvenient to not have your phone on you when you see something beautiful or hilarious – suddenly making you wish you could take a photograph/video 😦


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