Along with every other Urban hipster and 50 year old man, I love my record collection.
For Christmas my boyfriend Ryan got me the record I always needed, always loved, and yet never realised I always wanted. The Juno soundtrack – One of my favourite films incase you wondered.  
And so, while listening to Sea of Love by Cat Power and shredding a tear at the Juno scene of Ellen Page being hugged by Micheal Cera in the hospital after she’s just given birth to their baby, I thought of a blog post idea. 5 Records Everyone should own. Or at least 5 records I think everyone should own. 


I love a good movie soundtrack, In fact I own multiple. Guardians of The Galaxy, Juno, Star Wars, The War Of The World’s. There is something so special about listening to a song in one of your favourite films and instantly feeling the emotions you felt when you last heard that song in the film. My current favourite is of course Juno, though I’m already 99% sure that I’ll love the second Guardians of The Galaxy soundtrack, and will be buying that as soon as the film is out.


“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
If you haven’t gathered my families obsession with The one and only Bowie, then you haven’t been following Amelia and I on enough social media *cough* *cough*. Along with Pulp, listening to David Bowie was compulsory throughout my childhood – yes I have the best parents ever and yes the 10th January is a sad day for us all. And that is why I shall not explain the reasoning for why you should own at least one of his records, because you should already know the reason. 

A few years ago my Nana was clearing out her garage and so ofcourse I did a good deed and took her pile of dusty records off her hands… Obviously! The only problem was that I had nothing to play them on and so £300 later my record player was born (bought) and the record collection was narrowed down to 5% of the dusty pile because the rest were just a little bit scratched. But boy was the 5% a special 5%. We had a Kate Bush single, An 80’s hit mix, A David Bowie album, War Of The Worlds soundtrack and FLIPPIN STAR WARS. As In The Original Star Wars Soundtrack. See, what’s so cool about this is that you know that my family were listening to this years ago not knowing that we’d still be watching those films today, not knowing that vinyl would come back in, not knowing what a blog post is and that I would be writing one about that exact situation. It’s a cool piece of history.

Ok hate is a strong word, maybe one you slightly dislike. If you share a house, It’s nice to be able to share your record player and you can’t always have the same taste in music. So be nice, share and play their record even if you hate it (dislike it).

It’s true what “they” say, It really does sound better on vinyl.
So treat yo self. Yes records are pretty expensive these days (you’ll be lucky to find one for cheaper than £15 in a main stream store) but trust me, If you love the band or artist that much, you’ll love there music even more on vinyl. This was The XX and Haim for me. Oh I do love a bit of indie.

And there you have it, those are my thoughts but what are yours? Have any suggestions on what I should add to my collection? Please pop them down below! -G,x


  1. Nice list! I've recently begun listening to the hefty stack of little 45 speed records that belonged to my late grandma and my mom when she was a child. It's been a lot of fun! I've gotten to hear some classics and made some pleasant discoveries, like Sammy Davis Jr.'s cover of Tony Newley's “The Candy Man” from the soundtrack of Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. Plus, the fact that I have to keep getting up and flipping or changing the records because there's only one song per side adds just a little bit of exercise to what would otherwise just be anothet evening of me sitting and drawing for hours on end. I also like albums with funny covers: leering male vocalists wearing bizarre sweaters in front of 1980s photo studio backgrounds. I usually find those for less than a buck a piece at resale shops.


  2. Haha, it's when you sit there waiting for the next song to play and then realise after sitting for 10 minutes that it probably needs to be turned over.. Ok maybe it's just me, but i do that all the time! Albums with funny covers are cool, and also when the actual record is a funky colour, I got Amelia a Green Day one that is transparent red – so awesome!! -G,x


  3. I'm not sure if this will be on vinyl but “send me on my way” be rusted root is a song from ice age and always makes me feel happy when I hear it. “Can't help falling in love” by Elvis as well as “foundations” and “she's so lovely” are great songs too. Btw my Insta is lucy_rogers1601


  4. Wow an amazing list for inspiration I couldn't agree more. Bowie is a must. I own a couple of his albums on vinyl but my fave is blackstar. Have you got it? It's so beautiful and powerful, it made me cry when I first listened to it ! Also there are some interesting little secrets with the vinyl, like if you leave it out in the sun then lots of little stars start to appear. Keep going girls you are fab xx p.s my insta is @tabbykittycat


  5. Came from insta too! My favourite David Bowie album is Lets Dance, my uncle wrote a song called 'criminal world' for Bowie on let's dance, what's your favourite album? P.S Insta ~ jewell_ellie ��⚡️


  6. Yes to “Send me on my way” – That was my favourite song to wake up to in the morning for a good 3 years. I didn't realise it was in Ice Age, but I actually remember it being in Matilda, so it makes me think of that film, which is one of *the* best!! (in my opinion haha) -G,x


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