vespa, italy, grace mandeville, mandeville sisters, boyfriend, couple, relationship
grace mandeville, mandeville sisters, boyfriend, couple, relationship

Oh Tinder, you odd but fascinating app.

The place where millions (50 million users to be exact) swipe their finger left and right to show their affection. The place where you prove yourself by posting a few photos, writing a thought provoking paragraph on your life and you as a person or a place that you both join to see what the craze is about, start talking after a few days on the app and eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend.
Also known as Me and My Boyfriend, Ryan
You see I actually looked down on Tinder. The app didn’t make any sense to me. Why would I sign up for something where I and others would judge people on their looks? I like to know someone’s personality, yes being attracted to someone physically is important too, but personality is so key.
Anyway, after doing a live stream on YouNow I was told that someone had created a fake account of me on Tinder in Singapore… pretty worrying. Obviously, I created a profile to try and get rid of the fake one but this is where I realised that you only find profiles that are within a proximity to you… so Grace Mandeville in Singapore is still out there.. excellent. Anyways seeing as a profile was made it was only fair that I tried out the app? Right? 
Fast forward a few days of swiping, a few matches and a few boring conversations with people. I wondered, how do you know if someone is worth meeting or not. You can actually tell if someone has an interesting personality or not because guess what? 99% of the people on Tinder are so flippin’ boring and you’ll find that if you can keep a conversation going for a while that it probably means something good (and well, you’re already attracted to them because you liked their pictures) – so now for the meeting.
Ryan, (my boyfriend) is the first person I physically met through Tinder. And you know, I was so worried that I was turning up to meet an old crusty man who had catfished me. Instead, Ryan actually looked much better in person than his photos on Tinder- BEST SURPRISE because his photos were pretty beautiful (soppy, I know). I’ll add here that I made sure we met somewhere surrounded by lots of people and I was careful about going on a date with a stranger – we didn’t meet in a random park at night, don’t do that, please!  But we did go on many more date’s after that and we have now been Boyfriend and Girlfriend for 8 lovely months.
Moral of the story; sometimes it’s good to try new things and sometimes you might be pleasantly surprised- boy was I! Have you ever tried a dating app, or know someone who has? Let’s get a discussion going below and make sure you are following our blog by clicking here, so you never miss a post -G,x


  1. I met my boyfriend on tinder too, like you I was very skeptical about it and my best friend made me go on it and started swiping people. So this guy first got talking about pizza and comics and he asked me on a date and came over to visit me the next day. I was super nervous so I waffled on about myself in the pub for ages, he treated me to dinner and then ice cream on the beach, fast forward to about 11pm and being on the beach again he made the smooth grab my hand whilst reaching for a pebble to throw and instantly apologised if he made things awkward, little did he know that action just made me instantly fall in love with him. The next day we had another date and became official and now we live happily together on the seafront 9 months later! 😀


  2. The thought of using Tinder myself is terrifying but so many of my friends have met lovely people on there that I can't bring myself to believe its a bad thing!



  3. Aww! Such a cute story. I really believe that we should always be open to new experiences and not write them off before trying them. I also met my boyfriend in a “nontraditional” fashion – I think it's great that you met yours on Tinder!! That's what it's meant to do after all : ) thx for sharing babe!

    xx, Amy


  4. How awesome that you met such a great guy on Tinder! I met my last two boyfriends on Tinder (those relationships didn't work out, ha ha!)…. then I met my current guy, David, but that was at a concert at a local pub… 1 year later and we're still strong and happy!! You never know where true love lies… whether it be meeting someone online or during a night out… the right one could show up at anytime, and it's beautiful!

    All the Cute


  5. I'm so glad there's somebody else out there who has shared success in meeting someone through an app. I met my current partner on POF, given my first few experiences of guys on there weren't great and I gave up on the whole idea! I just found a lot of the guys to be particularly sex driven and it became frustrating! However, I got talking to a guy, we went for a couple of dates and 2 1/2 years later we're still a couple, have a rented house together and are planning our future together. It's crazy what can happen when you give something a go!



  6. You boyfriend is cute but you are more beautiful <3 Live Happy.

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