The other day I was thinking. I absolutely love reading ‘Monthly Favourite’ posts, but I never really buy enough things every month to create my own. So instead I thought I would create a post on my Life Favourites. Now obviously, these things are not 22 years old, because I definitely was not wearing lipstick nor was I wearing perfume at 2 months old. Instead, these are things that I find myself repeatedly buying throughout my life and know I will continue doing throughout my future.
So here are my life favourites. 
Red lipstick -The answer to any rough look, you might not be wearing makeup, you may have not showered, but put that lipstick on and it beautifully creates the opposite illusion.
Casio, you retro one – I’m not a watch girl, but I am a lover of silver accessories, and all the more a retro accessory. Plus, I’m so used to wearing this, that I’ve now grown to feel lost without it.
Jewellery, jewellery and more jewellery – I’m a lover of silver, a huge lover of silver. And I’m not sure if this is due to me not believe that I can pull off gold, or it’s because I genuinely just really like the way it looks combined with clothing. Either way I love it. Most of these items in the above photo were actually made by Auntie (which is the best, because I’m the only one in the world to own these pieces, there’s something special about that). However when I do buy jewellery I usually go to Martha Jackson, that’s actually where my earrings are from.
The scent – For Perfume, I’m all about Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Seasalt, though I usually wait to get this at Christmas (because it’s pretty pricey). So if I’m buying perfume myself, I usually head over to & Other Stories – I love most of their scents.

The Mascara, Foundation & Eyelash Curlers – To be honest, I change these things so regularly that I don’t feel I could recommend any specifics. I genuinely just included them because I use Mascara, Foundation and Eyelash curlers every day – practically every day. So, I would like to know your favourite makes and brands for these, just out of curiosity, and I suppose that finishes My Life Favourites, what do you think and please let me know what yours are?


21 thoughts on “MY LIFE FAVOURITES

  1. I love red lipstick! And a tip for your eyelash curler(maybe you know it): put some hairspray on it and it will last longer (but wait a bit before applying…hairspray in your eyes is not very pleaseant ��
    Instagram: @oanamg


  2. I really like the retro Casio. Has me thinking of the movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles..and of my own 80s digital wrist watch which I'd like to get repaired. I know what you mean about feeling lost without it! The video of you and Ryan is one of the cutest I've seen in a very long time! Instagram: @model406


  3. I wore my Casino every day until I got a Fitbit and now I can't stop wearing that one! All that sweet sweet data is just too irresistible. Also love that Jo Melone scent, closely followed by the Earl Grey one, though I'm a Diptyque do son lady myself ^^ ig: martabeveridge


  4. I wear a tiny gold avia watch, given to me by my Mum and to her by her Mum. My go to scent is the Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom, and I don't normally wear much makeup because my skin is so sensitive, so I stick to a bit of liquid eyeliner and mascara. I do love a good red lipstick when an occasion calls for it!


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