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I love Instagram, but one thing I dislike is the suggested ‘Discover’ feature. I always want to find more accounts to follow but whenever I head over to this feed I get overloaded by memes and nudity. Which is probably the main reason why I find it interesting when finding out who other people follow and so alike myself I hope you do too. Hence this blog post; 5 Instagram accounts I think are worth a follow.

If you don’t know who the Kardashians and Jenners are then you need to up your reality Tv knowledge. If you don’t know who Kirby Jenner is all is ok, but we will have to change this. Kirby Jenner is basically an account created by a photoshop genius. A fake fraternal twin of Kylie Jenner who photoshops himself into a ridiculous amount of Kylie photos and modelling shots. Not only are his photoshopping skills an art in itself but his captions also match.
I will dress like this couple when I’m older, I will I will. Kooples give this couple a modelling contract because they are amazing – I just want to give them one big hug.
If you’re a dog lover you probably already follow this account. And if you’re not a dog lover, you’ll probably start to fall in love with them after looking through their feed – it’s all about those fat labrador puppies.


Ever have one of those days where you just want to feel really small in the world? I don’t think I actually do… but I’m sure somebody’s told me they have at one point or another. And this account does exactly that. We are talking about some out of this world ariel and drone shots, I think my favourite one is of Burning Man – it’s pretty insane.


The owner and creator of the image above, one very talented human being, and apparently someone who draws ‘instead of panicking’ (according to the bio) which makes me smile. I love the fact that someone can turn a worried mind into a beautiful piece of art, and that’s exactly what you see all over this Instagram account. I’m a little bias because I love the image that’s been drawn of me, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves this account. I suppose I only discovered this account because I was tagged in the above drawing, so make sure you tag me in your creations and pictures so I can discover you too!

So those are my favourites, what are yours? Help me out here and comment some below, as well as your own ofcourse!! -G,x


  1. I'll be sure to check these out! Follow me please: @katrina.loves.piano Today is my birthday and it would literally make my day if you followed me! 🙂 Love you guys xo


  2. I really love @TheDisneyLandPrincess, @Noodlerella and @PeachyCinnamon! @Mermaidens, @KaylaHadlington and @OliviaEmilyX are also super cute if you're looking for more fashion, blogger type accounts! Love you and Amelia!

    -Emmy @redhairedmaidenofthewest


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