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We all know one person who doesn’t like to stand out, in fact if we are being honest here we probably all know at least three people. I’m not just referring to fashion here, I’m talking about that person at work who talks quietly so they can’t be heard or the pupil at school who always sits at the back with their hood up. And although some people naturally choose to hide within or behind the crowd, some do not and that Ladies and Gentleman is the topic of todays post.

red shirt, double denim outfit, gucci belt, blogger, bright style, england, styleGrace Mandeville ootd, diverse, one hand girl, amputee, grace mandeville, red shirt, outfit, gucci belt, blogger,

I am the person who likes to stand out. I think it partly stems from the fact that I was born with one hand, I kind of had no choice when it came to standing out and so I never felt the urge to try and fit in. I never saw anything wrong with wearing bright clothing when everyone else wore all black or being heard in class when it was cool to mumble. And although I know its a good thing to be heard, so many people degrade this idea, people put down those who don’t care what anyone else thinks, social media criticises the woman who is confident about her body and proud that it’s to the one on the magazine and is proud of that. Why is it that when a human being finally becomes so confident in them self that we as a population call them “over confident” or “full of themselves”?

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We are stuck in a void where humans are struggling because they don’t feel confident being themselves, and then when they finally do feel good and proud we tell them off for doing that. I got this shirt from ASOS and everyone keeps telling me it’s very “bright” and “bold” – as if that’s a bad thing? I don’t get it, I don’t understand it and I don’t want to be part of it. So please, if you take anything from this post, think about who you are and who you want to be. And make sure you encourage standing out, encourage individuality, and don’t listen to people who make you feel like you shouldn’t be proud of who you are. -G,x

Jeans-Levis // Rings-The Great Frog-Vivienne Westwood (see similar here)  // Belt- Gucci // Shirt-ASOS

Photos taken by : Henry Mandeville

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15 thoughts on “IT’S OK TO STAND OUT

  1. You’re so right! We should use our mind and voice to say what we think, without being afraid of other people’s reaction. The fact that everyone else may like something that we don’t like should intimidate us. We are totally different persons, and it’s ok to have different point of views. Life would be a lot moooore boring haha Really appreciate this post and in loovee with your outfit ( i want that shirt soo bad). Have a good day grace xx


    1. Yes Rosilde, I’m so pleased we are on the same wave length. Intimidate is exactly the word I was looking for when writing this post, why is it that so many people feel intimidated by someone being different and more importantly feeling proud to be different. I wasn’t originally going to get the shirt because I very rarely wear bright red, but I’m so pleased I did. Thanks for reading, have a great day too 🙂 -G,x


  2. You have to be your own biggest fan. I struggle with this such as when writing my personal statement when applying for University or when writing my CV because you have to talk about what you’re good at and I’m my own biggest critic, but it is such an important skill. if you don’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else?! Greatest piece of advice anyone ever gave me was to be my own best friend and treat myself how I would treat my best friend.


    1. I love this! I have to admit that I’m not the best at writing about myself either, I had to get Ryan (my boyfriend) to write the ‘About Me’ section of this blog because I couldn’t think of what I was good at and felt embarrassed saying nice things about myself. I love this advice and might pass it on if that’s ok? Keep me updated on how that skill growing goes 🙂 -G,x

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  3. Yeah, I definitely agree! I’ve always just done my own thing but I know for some people it’s really hard to stop continuously trying to fit in.
    p.s. love the red shirt! I think it really suits you 🙂


    1. It’s so nice to know that there are people like you who are happy being themselves and are not trying to be anyone else. I find that it’s so rare these days. Haha thanks, it was a good purchase I think ☺️ -G,x


  4. That red shirt is amazing I love bright colours Orange is my favourite. Your right no one should feel ashamed and it’s mainly because people are sacred of people’s opinions of them so they blend in hoping not to be seen so they don’t get picked out.
    Claire 🙂


  5. Did you intentionally make some change to have a “subscribe to me” overlay obscure half the window? I’m sure it was not there a week ago when I first looked at your blog. This overlay appears both on the main page and on the individual articles, and I can find no way to make it go away.

    Maybe it is not something you requested, but something the blogging service put there themselves. If you did not request it, maybe you should inquire with the blogging service to see what your options are. A request or reminder to subscribe is tolerable, if it can be made to disappear so it does not cover half the page. But when it cuts the reading area in half, it makes the reading much less pleasant.


  6. Yes! It’s the worst even if you are confident to go out wearing what you want because people will always make comments about it and it can kind of knock you down a bit. We need more people hyping everyone up to be themselves! Great post x


  7. Hello! I love this post because like you I often stand out with what I wear, I don’t do it intentionally but the clothes I happen to like are often colourful and bright. I sometimes have this fear that people might think that I want attention, even members of my family have said things like “you know you’re attracting lots of attention” “You know how you look right” and I always feel so embarrassed. So this post actually really helped me because for some reason it just made me realise that even if I was really confident, even if I did want attention, why would that be a bad thing! Everyone should be confident in themselves, and even “over-confident”! So thank you 🙂
    Also I love your and your sister’s videos, I watch them all the time
    I also have a blog and I’m very new to blogging! I would love if you could maybe check out my blog and give me some feedback since your blog is actually awesome
    Maria xx


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