How To Be An Adult

If I could tell you how many people have recently said to me “Oh my god you’re so adult” i’d be pretty rich, well not that rich, i’d probably have a £20 note, but still, that’s enough to go an buy a new And Other Stories top and hopefully you get my point.

A lot of people have been telling me how ‘adult’ I am now, is it because I have a boyfriend? Is it because we live together? Is it because we bought a house together? Or is it because we have a puppy to look after? God knows.

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I think there’s a huge problem in the world of ours, well there’s a ridiculous amount of problems but let’s stick to this one specific problem today.  When you’re younger you feel the need to grow up quickly, you want to wear makeup, you want to have boobs, you want boys and girls to fancy you, you want a relationship. When you reach 17, you just want to turn 18 so you can buy alcohol, go clubbing. Most go to university, stress because they don’t feel ready to choose a path and degree that could dictate the rest of their life, and if you don’t go to university.. well hello adulthood early.

Either way, ironically in comparison to wanting to be older when you’re a child, you eventually get to a stage of life where you’re scared of being an ‘adult’. You think about what you want when you’re 30 and stress about how you’re going to get there. How do you afford to live on your own? Is it normal to have not been in a relationship by now? I haven’t even found a job I like yet, so how am I meant to settle down or start saving for a property? How do you even save for a property? We spend our childhood stressing about looking and feeling too young and then once we’re older we spend years stressing about turning into an adult and not feeling ready.

walking dog, ray bans, couple, army, camo, one hand, grace mandeville, blogger, british blogger, diverse blogger, disabled blogger

Well let me tell you, I am a 23 year old that has done most of the stereotypical things that we class as ‘adult’. I’m in a loving relationship with my boyfriend Ryan, we’ve bought a house together and have a puppy together. Ok, I haven’t had kids or got married yet, but I’ve done a few on the tick list. And to everyone thinking I’m very ‘adult’ – I probably am, but not because I’ve done all these grown-up things, but I truly believe it’s because I’m happy and comfortable where I am at in my career, relationship, and life. To me, being an adult is when you get to the point in life where you’re happy where you are, you look forward to the future but you are also just happy with the pace of life.

Obviously, this is just my thoughts written down, I’m not saying that all stress about the same things as me, or that everyone should have the same criteria to becoming ‘an adult’, it’s just what I’ve discussed with friends and fellow humans online. Would love to know your thoughts on this.


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Photos by Henry Mandeville

walking dog, ray bans, couple, army, camo, one hand, grace mandeville, blogger, british blogger, diverse blogger, disabled blogger


4 thoughts on “How To Be An Adult

  1. I’ve been thinking about growing into adulthood too recently since I turned 15 and I think that there is too much pressure put on adults and teenagers to grow up and they’re constantly being reminded of their growing up so I think that there should be less pressure so people can feel less stressed.


    1. Literally, it’s so true when people say that you should enjoy being younger while you can, the only problem with that is the pressure everyone puts on younger people and the pressure we put on ourselves I suppose? Definitely something we need to change! -G,x


  2. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about becoming an adult recently. I have always been quite a childish person and really scared of growing up. I had to re-do a year as I missed a lot of school (for a number of reasons) and I decided to move to a new school at the same time. When I told my new friends that I was a year older than them, they were really surprised as I act generally much younger than my age. Now I’m 17, and I might start learning to drive over the summer. This is both really exciting and terrifying. It means that I’m growing up but I also get more freedom to go where I like. Anyway, I think you explained it really well – many people are excited to get older and be able to legally do more things, however, many people are really scared and feel unprepared to become an adult and have many more responsibilities.


    1. Well congrats on learning to drive, I need to redo this – but stopped learning half way through! It’s a weird one when people assume you’re older or younger, I never know if it’s a positive thing or negetive thing haha! Thanks for reading and good luck with your driving!! -G,x


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