Where Have I Been?

Fredperrysuitroyalblood3You’ll probably notice that for the past week I’ve posted very little on Instagram, only occasionally on Twitter, nowhere on our main YouTube channel and have failed at daily vlogging for nearly 2 weeks. So, where have I been? Aside from a weekend away in the Cotswolds I’ve been staring at my laptop screen attempting to find inspiration.

I need a new project. And this is something that I’ve constantly felt the need for within the last year, that’s the reason I started this blog, that’s the reason we started a new vlogging channel and that’s the reason I feel a little useless at the moment if I’m honest. But rather than staring at my laptop for another week and then punishing myself for the lack of work I’ve done, I thought I’d explain why I feel so lost and a need to start afresh. Please don’t get me wrong, I love YouTube. I love the fact that it gave me an opportunity to create videos and create a career for myself, but I hate that I’ve fallen out of love with the system because my trust has been neglected through YouTube’s constant changes and problems that they’re causing for creators. Yes, I trusted the platform with my whole entire career, some may think that’s stupid and I am slowly starting to worry that’s the truth. The problem here is that I’ve found such a strong passion for creating that I don’t think I could ever completely shift my career towards any other job role without being unhappy, so instead, I need to find something different to create on alongside our YouTube channels.Fredperrysuitroyalblood2Fredperrysuitroyalblood4

At first, I thought that starting a different type of YouTube channel would be the solution, I have since found my love for daily vlogging, but that hasn’t solved the need for a new project – most obviously because it’s a ‘YouTube’ channel, and therefore more trust is just lying with YouTube. I then decided to start a new blog – which I am enjoying and will obviously continue to post on when I want to, but it just doesn’t quite feel like I’m able to create as freely via a blog (which is definitely down to me and not blogging general) , and so I use it as more of a diary rather than a creative outlet. So then I’m stuck, what can I do alongside my YouTube channels, my blog and my socials that allows me to create constant content, have a voice longer than a few lines in an Instagram caption and not rely on YouTube’s untrustworthy platform? I’m thinking a podcast. You’re probably thinking however that this is nothing new, and everyone’s doing this. And if you are, to an extent you’re correct. But there’s probably a reason why people are all moving  in this direction, and it’s probably pretty close to mine.

So, my message to you within all of this is I’m sorry for the lack of content, thank you for baring with me, would you listen to a podcast if I made one? And in case you were worried, it won’t be replacing any of mine or Amelia’s other content that we put out, but instead hopefully inspire the other content I create too. Thanks for sticking with me.


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11 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. I would definitely listen to a podcast if you made one!! I think it’s a great idea 🙂 I can definitely relate to your need for a new creative outlet. I’ve ended up choosing to do all academic subjects at school, and I have completely neglected my creative side (which is hard because I have always considered myself a more creative person). Now I’m about to go into A levels next year, but I’m not sure what I want to do. I love art and drama in particular, but I’m not sure if learning them at school is right for me. I would rather do those subjects in a more relaxed and imaginative environment, which is something that school has certainly not been for me! But because I only do academic subjects, I seem to forget about the hobbies that I really love, and I then feel uninspired and unsure of what I want to do in the future. I think it’s really important to just do things that you really want to do, so I am thinking of doing an art course over the summer. If a podcast would be a creative outlet for you, I would highly recommend starting one!! Clara ❤


  2. I love a good podcast, I think it could turn into something you’d be really proud of. It can be a lot more interactive with your audience than other media as well. If you have guests, you’re not having to solely rely on yourself as a source of inspiration and creativity. With the current state of YouTube, I would say divest in as many different platforms as you can – if you ever wanted to branch out your career later on, I think more traditional industries would ‘get’ what you’ve been working on with a podcast more, as well (not that this should stop you shooting for whatever makes you happy). Good luck!


    1. I completely agree and I’m glad you understood what I was saying, I was worried some would think I want to leave YouTube and that’s not it at all, but it can be scary devoting your career to one platform. I think a podcast is a definite go ahead then, thankyou! -G,x


  3. I would definitely listen to a podcast, I have one with two of my friends and I really enjoy it and I would recommend it although we’re struggling to get an audience but you wouldn’t have that problem as you already have a blog and a YouTube channel so I think it’s a good idea.


      1. Thank you so much. We’ve only got one episode out so far but we have two more coming out soon, it’s called pH9.2 Podcasts and it’s on YouTube and soundcloud.


  4. Hey Grace,

    Just saw your daily vlog and came to see what was up. Podcast’s while great don’t earn the big bucks, like YouTube has done – but yes YT is a mare right now and is cutting into creative’s incomes drastically – which in turn is stressful and therefore makes it far less inspirational and a happy place to be creative.


  5. Soz, pressed return too early! Twitch is a growing medium for creatives – i’m seeing a lot of former YouTubers moving across to Twitch, either to stream games, do IRL’s and craft based stuff. I even watched someone building a LEGO Millenium Falcon from Starwars! – anyway – keep going – better to be on multiple platforms, rather than one very unstable platform such as YT.


  6. If you’re going ahead with a podcast, what about some of your audience who might be hard of hearing or d/Deaf like me? I’d love to listen to some podcasts out there, but obviously cannot hear well. Would you be able to provide transcripts for each podcast episode? I suppose you are talking about uploading digital audio files? I’ve noticed some Youtubers doing podcasts where they film themselves talking- people can see humans interacting. I realise it would more effort to transcript, rather than simply speak and upload on the internet. It would make us feel more included. Just food for thought 🙂



  7. I would be so excited to listen to any podcast you release! I think it’s always good to try new things so that you know whether you love them and hate them, and at least then you know and can say you tried. xx


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