My Sisters Best Birthday Present

My Sisters Best Birthday Present

Champagne glass at 21st birthday part with silver rings

You all know my sister Amelia, well she’s only gone and turned 21 hasn’t she?! Now, I’m not going to talk for everyone, but personally turning 21 was quite scary for me. The idea of being an “official adult” was a huge weight that I didn’t really want to take on – still to this day I don’t really know what that weight even was, but it felt like I was being forced to live a time in my life that I didn’t feel ready for. Looking back this all sounds ridiculous, because fast forward a year and I bought a house with my boyfriend – pretty adult I’d say, but still.

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Double Denim Is The Way To Start

Double Denim Is The Way To Start

So here it is, my new blog, my creative outlet and more importantly a new way to talk to you about this odd thing that you always seem to ask me about, ‘my style’?

It feels like I’ve spent a lifetime rebelling against the idea of me being a style blogger, but it’s got to the point where I want to talk about clothes, interior design and my life in more detail and hopefully that’s exactly what you’ll find here at

girl wearing double denim, levis jeans, wrangler jacket, dr marten boots,girl wearing double denim, levis jeans, wrangler jacket, dr marten boots, great frog silver ring

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I Got A Puppy, Meet Juno.

I Got A Puppy, Meet Juno.
Dog Outing 5.png
Seeing as it’s a whole new year, I thought it only made sense that I got a new puppy (i’m joking, i’m aware that a puppy isn’t just for Christmas or celebrations and it is in fact for a long part of your life – before you all make that comment to me like my Uncle Robert already has).
Anyway, yes, meet my beautiful red Labradoodle puppy named Juno: Wife of Jupiter, Daughter of Saturn and most importantly the title of my favourite film. She really is the cutest dog, a complete whimp, loves humans, has fallen in love with our bean bags in the living room and has puppy eyes to die for.Β  Really, I’ve never seen such big eyes on such a small dog before.

5 things I learnt when buying a house

LIFE UPDATE: I’ve moved out and bought a house with Ryan.

You probably already know this, and if you didn’t then you definitely are not up to date on our videos *tut tut* – or you just prefer our blog to our videos and fair enough, I guess honesty is the right policy. So for the past 3-4 months Ryan and I went on the crazy adventure or finding a property, trying to get a mortgage, trying to get the property and successfully buy the mortgage. And boy wasn’t it a journey. Here are 5 things I learnt, and I thought i’d share.

1. When you look around that property with an estate agent look everywhere, I mean inside those kitchen cupboards, inside that wardrobe, under that rug on the floor, inspect those floors because there is a huge chance that they are hiding something. I mean I don’t blame the sellers, they want to sell there property without having to spend a tonne of money on the place so they hide the problem… but just make sure you don’t feel guilty looking around a property properly. It doesn’t matter that an estate agent is watching you, this a very expensive purchase and you have a right to inspect it!

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