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This isn't the first time I've decided to take the short cut. Yes, that pun was intended and yes I'm embarrassingly happy with myself about it. Anyway I thought it was about time I told you why I keep coming back to this hair cut and why you should think about it too perhaps?

Some of my favourite people rock a short hairstyle; Alexa Chung. Lily Collins, Johnny Depp and my Mum are to name a few. So it wasn't unexpected to find that after scrolling through Pinterest at 11pm (#relatable or what?) that I would once again decide that I'm just going to do it, I'm going to cut my hair short.

I always get to this point where my hair ends up being so long that I constantly just put it up in a ponytail to get it out of the way, I basically just get bored of it. And after having my hair this cute length for a week I've remembered why I love it this way so much, and therefore it's my duty to tell you, right?

Bad hair, is still practically good hair

When you have long hair you can say you're having a bad hair day due to it being too frizzy, maybe it has no volume, maybe it's too straight, too curly, still wet from your shower or it hasn't been washed in a few days. But when you have short hair, your bad hair day turns into a messy long bob hair day, you've gone for the grungy look, the "tom boy" look, the "I haven't tried hard today look" - and actually I think this is my favourite look. Obviously, I'm not saying that if you have short hair, don't wash it and it'll look good, I'm just saying that in my opinion it's more flexible and a lot easier to maintain.

Flat hair, is impossible

Ok, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but hear me out at least. When I had longer hair I felt like it was constantly flat by the roots and this was definitely due to the weight of the long hair. So obviously shorter hair instantly gives my roots more of an "oomph" but also, seriously guys I used to have to add a ridiculous amount of volume powder and it would still flatten after 20 minutes, now it takes a little sprinkle and Voila! (Well a sprinkle and a few head shakes upside down).

You can still do everything

So my only worry when it came to cutting my hair was "But I love putting my hair in a pony tail" - It's all good. If you want to have your hair still in an up do just make sure you work that out into the length before the cut- AKA if the hair length is below or resting on your collar bone, a pony tail and bun will work fine! I'll add that I am yet to try plaiting my hair with this style, because I used to use one knee with my hand to plait it and the short hair doesn't help this situation... but that's what your sisters there for, right? ;)

Anyways I would love to know if I've persuaded you, or what your thoughts are on my new hair (Be nice haha). Thanks guys -G,x