I Got A Puppy, Meet Juno.

Dog Outing 5.png
Seeing as it's a whole new year, I thought it only made sense that I got a new puppy (i'm joking, i'm aware that a puppy isn't just for Christmas or celebrations and it is in fact for a long part of your life - before you all make that comment to me like my Uncle Robert already has).
Anyway, yes, meet my beautiful red Labradoodle puppy named Juno: Wife of Jupiter, Daughter of Saturn and most importantly the title of my favourite film. She really is the cutest dog, a complete whimp, loves humans, has fallen in love with our bean bags in the living room and has puppy eyes to die for.  Really, I've never seen such big eyes on such a small dog before.
Dog Outing 1.pnglabradoodle puppy red ginger australian lab labrador red head training blogger beauty blog fashion grace mandevilleThere's a few things I've learnt since having a puppy, some things I wish I had known beforehand and some that I just thought may be of interest to you,  so here it goes. 
1. YOU WILL HAVE NO SLEEP. Well you might be lucky and get a puppy like my parents who sleeps peacefully through the night or you get a Juno who enjoys howling at 3am for 7 nights in a row. Safe to say I like my sleep, and I definitely struggled with this bit. Though I will add that she now sleeps peacefully and waiting it out worked well.
2. TOILET TRAINING CAN BREAK YOUR HEART. There is nothing more frustrating (well there probably is but I'm feeling dramatic right now) than when you think you've toilet trained your pup and then after the 20th perfectly placed poop your puppy randomly goes and plops one on the living room rug. Seriously, it made me so upset, I honestly felt like she was doing it on purpose to annoy me or something, though looking back I now realise it definitely was not her fault and my anger came from my sleep deprived self due to the 3am howling.
3. YOU WILL TURN INTO A MUM. Oh My God the love I have for this little pup is crazy and let me tell you now, when another dog acts nastily towards Juno I am ready to use all my power to stand up for her, well until I snap out of over protective mode and realise that dogs growling at each other is completely normal, especially while they are jumping around and wagging their tales.
And finally, she may be a pain in the butt sometimes, but having a puppy is pretty amazing. Now if you tell me she isn't beautiful you either dislike dogs a lot or you're not seeing clearly, so please lie for my sake and tell me she's beautiful because boy do I love her!! (not as much as you Ryan, don't you worry).
Grace Mandeville walking red Australian labradoodle puppy, wearing gucci belt, tartan trousers, coppafeel top
OutfitBoots-Dr.Martens // Trousers-Urban Outfitters // Jacket-Reiss (similar) // Belt-Gucci  // Top-Delicious Monster Tea for CoppaFeel!