My Sisters Best Birthday Present


Champagne glass at 21st birthday part with silver rings

You all know my sister Amelia, well she's only gone and turned 21 hasn't she?! Now, I'm not going to talk for everyone, but personally turning 21 was quite scary for me. The idea of being an "official adult" was a huge weight that I didn't really want to take on - still to this day I don't really know what that weight even was, but it felt like I was being forced to live a time in my life that I didn't feel ready for. Looking back this all sounds ridiculous, because fast forward a year and I bought a house with my boyfriend - pretty adult I'd say, but still.

Now going back to the main topic of this blog; Amelia turning 21. It's weird to sit back and think about her journey as a person because boy has she changed since her last big milestone of turning 18. Go back 3 years and she was my unconfident sister who had dropped out of college due to friendship problems, was trying her hardest to achieve her dream of becoming an Author but was losing site of this and feeling extremely unhopeful and lonely.

Grace Mandeville at 21st birthday party with Gails bakery food and gucci black beltGails bakery sandwich, tomato and mozzarella baguette

So seeing the person she is today and at this family party that we held for her at the weekend, made me feel very proud. Proud of seeing the great social life she has with her friends, proud of the self confidence she's grown to have and proud of one very huge and exciting milestone in her life... her book deal. Yep, today we are finally allowed to talk to you about this "secret project" that we've been keeping on a down low for a very long time. Who was once a girl that only dreamt of being an author, is now an actual Women's Fiction author with an incredible book coming out in November, and I literally could not be more happy for her!

I want to leave all the book stuff for her to talk about properly as it is her baby and there's actually a video out right now all about it, so please, please, please go and watch it, support her and check out the book online. It's the best present she could of asked for when turning 21 and we are so excited to invite you to be part of this journey with her too. -G,x

OutfitTrousers-ASOS // Rings-The Great Frog-Vivienne Westwood (see similar here) // Belt- Gucci // Jumper-Urban Outfitters (see similar here)

Food from GAIL's Bakery (Would recommend)

Photos taken by : Henry Mandeville

birthday party food spread, cake stand and flowers