5 Must Have Pieces Of Clothing


Apologies for the use of old photos here, but when writing a blog post on my 5 Must Have Pieces, I felt like it made sense to include old images of me demonstrating the love I have as that makes more sense in my eyes.

My style has changed through the years but these few items have always stuck with me, and this is why I feel like they are worth the investing in when it comes to adding to your wardrobe, so here it goes.

striped cooperative jumper, andotherstories blue shirt, short brown hair, grace mandeville blog, fashion british blog

striped cooperative jumper, andotherstories blue shirt, short brown hair, grace mandeville blog, fashion british blog



  1. A collared shirtYou all know I'm a sucker for a plain collared shirt, but can you blame me? Tuck it in to your jeans and undo the button, untuck the shirt and do up the button, wear it under a jumper, undo the shirt and wear a t-shirt underneath, treat it like a shacket, It's one of my most worn pieces and something I'm always willing to spend some money on.

  2. A pair of trousersEveryone owns a pair of jeans, so I feel like it's a little pointless to even include a pair in this list, obviously if you don't own a go-to pair of jeans please add those to the list too and then make this item your next priority. As much as I love a clashing of patterns and colours, there is something so elegant and vibrant about wearing a colourful pair of tailored trousers with a classic white t-shirt. Wether it's a pair of tartan trousers or pinstripe navy suit bottoms, wearing some trousers on your legs rather than the everyday pair of jeans can really brighten up your outfit. You'll be surprised at how comfy you'll find them and how un-comfy your comfy jeans will become.

  3. A Leather ItemIt's crazy to think that I only bought my first leather jacket in 2017 and am now stating it as a must have purchase. But I suppose that highlights it's importance pretty clearly, though if I'm honest until I ripped my leather trousers they were my favourite item ever, that reminds me, I need to get those fixed. But what I mean is even though I didn't realise how strong my love of the leather look was, it was always there really.

  4. Something MilitaryNow I'm no fashion expert so do not quote me on this... but in my personal opinion Military style never goes out of fashion, and if it does then it's usually lurking somewhere behind the leather isle in Zara, you've just got to find it's hiding place. I bought a military desert coloured coat from Zara 8 years ago and I still wear it and still get compliments on it every time I do. It's a timeless piece that you'll keep forever (or at least wear until it breaks on you).

  5. That vintage pieceWe all need that item that nobody has, and although that's practically impossible unless you make it yourself (if you can do that then i'm unbelievably jealous of your skill), buying vintage is as close as we can get. I'm not talking about designer vintage, I'm talking about your mums old pair of leather trousers, or your aunties waistcoat, or a coat you've found in a charity shop - or of course the item from Shoreditch which isn't actually vintage but is customised and stained to look vintage. Be that person, that when asked "where is that top from" you reply with a story that basically means "you can't buy this, sorry".

And that's my list. Please comment on this post with anything you think you have to add, I always need suggestions because I'm definitely no expert. I hope you've had a lovely Monday so far and I shall see you on this blog again later this week :) -G,x


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