Is Working From Home The Dream?


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To most, working from your living room seems like the dream. The possibility of starting the working day a little later due to no commute, the idea of sitting on your sofa with a film playing in the background and the comfort of wearing tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie rather than work attire. But let me tell you right now, on the days when you do actually have to sit at your computer all day working from home, you can feel incredibly sad, tired and even depressed. Why? Because working from home can be very lonely.

When I worked from home at my parents it was a very different situation, first of all I worked with my sister so she was always there to talk to, work with (and argue with.. haha!). But working from mine and Ryan's place is a whole other thing. It's a little different now I have my puppy Juno to walk and talk to - I'm officially a crazy dog lady by the way, but before Juno sometimes I spent a whole day sitting at home on my laptop without physically talking to a single person, and that definitely does not feel healthy.

So whether you work from home, just struggle with the winter blues (I know it's march, but lets face it, it's definitely closer to winter than spring) or feel a little sad from time to time, heres a few tips from a fellow once lonely human being.ted baker suit woman, fashion, tailored, pinstripe suit, two piece, blogger, grace mandeville, diverse blogger, disabled, grace mandeville fashionone hand, one arm model, blogger, disabled blogger, disabled youtuber

Always start your day by getting dressed.Trust me i've been there, I've woken up many times and decided that theres no point me getting out of my pyjamas if all i'm going to do is sit at home and edit on my computer. But trust me when I say that even if you're just changing out of pyjamas into tracksuit bottoms and a slouchy jumper that it will make your day a whole lot more productive. We all associate pyjamas as a time to sleep, be lazy or relax, so it doesn't make sense to try and do work whilst wearing them.

Get some fresh air.Now you're dressed you have no excuse not to go outside, whether its first thing in the morning for a run or if it's at lunch time to go and get a coffee. It's so easy to spend the whole day indoors when you're self employed and working in your own home, but sometimes you need that human interaction, and that's genuinely the reason why i'll walk 15 minutes to go get a coffee rather than to make one myself in my own kitchen. It makes a huge difference mentally plus I'm nowhere near as good as the local coffee shop at making a pretty flat white.

ted baker suit woman, fashion, tailored, pinstripe suit, two piece, blogger, grace mandeville, diverse blogger, disabled

Write a listTo most, working from home is the dream, and i'm pretty sure a lot of people believe they'd be way more productive if they got to work from home. But just like we associate pyjamas with down time, a lot of us associate our homes with leisure time or housework and it's incredibly easy to become distracted from work. So my answer to this is write a list. First thing in the morning, write a list of what you want to do (I use the app Wunderlist, it's my favourite!) and then once you've done everything on that list you can distract yourself as much as you want, or even go crazy and put those pyjamas on (ok i'll stop with the pyjamas).

Don't feel guiltyTake a break from work, feel guilty. Get distracted, feel guilty. Someone sends you a mean comment about your content going down hill, feel guilty.  Started the working day late, feel guilty. Worked all day and didn't reply to messages from friends, feel guilty.It's super easy to feel guilty when you work from home and I think that's because you realise how lucky you are to have the job you do and so you're aware that you shouldn't be taking it for granted. For example, I feel guilty if I manage to get distracted for 20 minutes when I should be writing emails. If that's you too just remember that if you were sitting at the office working for someone else you'd also get distracted sometimes, it's ok. Allow yourself to have breaks, try not to work when you're having lunch, give yourself set working hours if you want, whatever works for you, but please just remember that even though you're working at home you are allowed to take breaks too, and you shouldn't feel guilty about that.

So theres some of my tips, I hope you found them interesting. Working from home can be a dream, but alike most things in life it has it's negative points too. I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to follow my blog here if you're not already. And i'll see you next week. Thanks! -G,xted baker suit woman, fashion, tailored, pinstripe suit, two piece, blogger, grace mandeville, diverse blogger, disabled

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