An Honest Life Update


I have two questions for you, how is it April already and when can summer start, please?

I'm not one for New years resolutions, I understand that a new year feels like a good time to motivate you in changing something about yourself, but I personally find that fact that most only find a New Year as an excuse for motivation, ironically un-motivating. Saying that though, Amelia and I had a discussion on where we wanted to go with our content this year which you could call a kind of resolution for 2018 and I'm super happy to tell you that we are getting there!

We wanted to take our content in a new direction. I love clothing and I love Interior design, so why were we not creating content on our YouTube channel along those lines? Who on earth knows. Probably because we were stubborn, we liked being girls that were doing something more unconventional. The stereotype of girls is that they like beautify and fashion and we liked the fact that our content opposed this, but when it gets to the point where we are purposefully not creating content on those topics, topics which we enjoyed just to oppose a stereotype, it began to feel super fake and forceful. So 2018 was the year we started creating the content we enjoyed watching, and hopefully you are enjoying it too.

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I'm not sure how many of you know that Amelia and I had management? I say had because we now officially don't. We never expected to leave them this year and never planned to, but somehow we've mistakenly achieved another of our 2018 resolutions in doing so: Taking control of the '"Mandeville Sisters" back. Before management, we were in control of everything, every email, every negotiation, every job we said no to, every opportunity we agreed to, every bad relationship we had created and every amazing relationship we had nurtured and grown. But somehow in the midst of making our life's a bit easier and less chaotic by having a manager to step in on difficult conversations and to organise our inbox, we realised that it created a barrier between people we had worked with and wanted to work with. And although we've only been without management for a couple of weeks now, I'm starting to feel in control again and to be honest, I'm upset that we allowed ourselves to pass that control over at times.

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My blog. This topic was a hard one for me to bring up with Amelia. We had a blog together, a blog that I created and a blog that I asked Amelia to be part of. But it became very obvious to me that my love for blogging was stronger than Amelia's and I didn't know how to ask her if I could do it on my own without her. It sounds mean, I know, but Amelia had a book she was writing (a book that will be out in November) and I was jealous of this creative outlet she had of her own. Funnily enough, after I took the courage to discuss this with Amelia she felt the same way and thought that me doing the whole "blogging" thing on my own was a good idea, so it was a win-win really. So, 2018, what are your thoughts? You enjoying my blog? Because I definitely am!

I reckon there's probably a lot more to update you on, but right now I'm gonna leave this essay of a post here. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day and I'll see you again next week!

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Photos are of us taken By Martha Jackson, this is not a paid post, but these photos are part of a previous job we did with them. I just liked them so much that I wanted to use them in this post!