Is It Time To Get Naked?

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My sister and I uploaded two videos a while ago or rather a few years ago that still to this day I love. Two videos where Amelia and I sat in front of the camera "naked", both visually but also emotionally. The idea was to tell you not just the usual content like what we had for breakfast but to discuss something at a deeper level, something that even I may have not actually known about myself or simply say something to show you we are not perfect and lay bare my thoughts and opinions. Because in the current social climate we felt that being honest and open was important.


Late last year Clarins reached out to us and asked whether we would like to try there new skincare range before it comes out in 2019 and if we liked it whether we would like to work with them on a few projects, fast forward 4 months and here we are. The vegan and eco-conscious skincare range called My Clarins is designed for younger skin. To me (a 24-year-old) skincare is about self-care, not about a brand promising that your skin will be magazine cover perfect straight after using a product. More importantly, it's about advocating that beauty is an attitude, not just about visual appearance. Which is why I was very excited to work with My Clarins because their manifesto was very similar. I decided I would redo the concept of the Naked video I shot years ago, this time in blog form. A short few lines telling you a bit more about my real self followed by some naked images, well I'm wearing dungarees but that's about it, no makeup and just My Clarins skincare - didn't fancy having nude photos up on the internet just yet, sorry.

My thoughts and feelings in 2019

I'm scared about our future, the future of our planet, the future both politically and socially and the future we are passing on to the generation being born as I type this.-I'm so confused to how humans are still sexist, racist, homophobic or prejudice and still to this day get away with it.-Beauty is way more than a look. To me it's about feeling good, it's in confidence it's in intelligence and it's in love.-I feel frustrated, I feel like mainstream media want my job in social media to be as hard as possible and will do anything to make others think negatively about it. I'm tired of fighting the media's views, I feel like I've done it all my life when it comes to living with one hand and now after slowly moving career paths from tv, I'm doing it again.-I just want to be able to watch television and see someone with a disability playing a great character in a movie.-I dream to live in a world where the young are listened to and aren't made to feel inadequate or less important and most importantly don't have to walk out of there lessons in order to be heard by our politicians.

Those are some of my naked thoughts in 2019, I hope you enjoyed them and will continue the discussion below.

Thank you to My Clarins for sponsoring this post, you can find out more about the range here.